“Jamie Walter is a cut above the pack. He is honest, trustworthy and hard working. There’s no “Bullshit” with Jamie. And to top it off, he’s a very good judge of a racehorse. I wouldn’t think of buying a horse without his stamp of approval!”


Joe Cross

“Without doubt the best syndication company in the business. Honesty, integrity mixed with a lot of hope and excitement! Jamie Walter is a great guy. Knowledgeable and respectful of all! He has my unqualified support.”


Jim Mathers

“Jamie has decades of experience in the thoroughbred industry. Excellent communication, integrity and passion make the Proven Thoroughbreds experience a highly recommended one.”


Peter Maddocks

“Jamie has been obsessed with racing and breeding since Ken Howard was a trainee! I have raced horses with Jamie since 2001 and I have been impressed with his service, communication and eye for value. He has a superb work ethic, is incredibly dedicated and his integrity is beyond reproach.”


Simon Greenaway

“I have owned racehorses for over 30 years and have found one of the most frustrating things is the lack of honest and timely information on my horses’ progress from trainers. This is not a problem with Proven Thoroughbreds who are the most professional and knowledgeable syndicators I have encountered.”


Rob Allport

“As a current member of two Proven Thoroughbred syndicates I can say the experience of being part of the racing scene with Jamie Walter has been nothing short of wonderful. Jamie is the consummate professional and all his advice and direction are backed up with sound facts and an extraordinary knowledge of breeding and training of racehorses. Myself and the other syndicate members are being constantly upgraded with emails pictures and phone calls to make sure we know exactly what our horses are doing whether spelling or in work. Jamie is approachable at all times and has a calm and understanding nature so important when dealing with the multitude of questions from anxious, new and not so new owners. We will certainly look to get more involved with Proven Thoroughbred syndicates in the future….put simply Jamie Walter just makes it too much fun not to!!”


Bev and Mick Abbott

“My wife and I have had several horses with Proven Thoroughbreds over the past six years, both in Sydney and Brisbane. The administration and care for the horses is priority with this syndication unlike a lot of others. We have experienced a lot of fun and friendship through Jamie Walter and the owners. I would have no hesitation in recommending Proven Thoroughbreds to any potential owner for their integrity, administration and success in a very tough game.”


Ken and Kerry Harvey

“My Family has been involved in racing syndications for a number of years and about 5 years ago we purchased our first share with Proven Thoroughbreds and Jamie Walter. Our association has continued through numerous horses and it has at all times been a very positive experience, based on honesty and integrity and many firm friendships have been forged. Communication is very important and Proven are great, we are constantly updated on our horse’s progress whether in training or spelling, Proven are on top of it. More recently we have employed Jamie’s bloodstock skills for private purchases and are delighted with the results. We have no hesitation recommending Proven Thoroughbreds and Jamie Walter to anyone considering entering the wonderful world of thoroughbred racing.”


Steve and Jenny Summers

“We chose Proven Thoroughbreds for our first foray into racehorse ownership 4 years ago, with great success. We were so impressed with their professionalism and expertise, we have since invested in two further syndicates, and have cheered on winners every time! Jamie Walter is an astute judge of horseflesh with a flair for finding future performers that others overlook. His knowledge, advice and communication are first rate. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Proven Thoroughbreds to anyone interested in venturing into the ownership stakes!”


Melissa Head

“I’ve known Jamie Walter for over 30 years. I’ve had plenty of horses with the leading Trainers and have won plenty of races and lost more. I like their up-front approach and reporting which is second-to-none. Although my aim is to win as many races as possible, I want to race with people I like and enjoy my racing-I find I can easily achieve these goals with Jamie.”


Tony Freestone

“As a first time owner I couldn’t be happier with Proven Thoroughbreds. The communication from Jamie is excellent. I always know what’s happening with the horse. I have always been a bit of a punter, but the thrill of your own horse winning is unbelievable. The nerves tingle before the race. The thrill of my horse winning is an experience that I will never forget. Get on board!!”


Greg Fayn

“We have had shares in numerous Proven Thoroughbreds’ syndications for over 5 years .Jamie provides a comprehensive weekly update on all horses progress electronically and is always available for discussion and respects owner’s input on each horse. He is extremely close to the trainer’s planning and provides an excellent coverage of all these activities.”


Ian and Carmel Cameron

“I have been involved with Jamie and Proven for around 3 years now. It has been a lot of fun. Whilst it is a bit of a lottery, the thrill of being, even, only a small shareholder in a horse that racks up a win, is just the biggest buzz. On race day, nothing else matters. It’s your horse, your big day. It’s a bit like watching your kids play a grand final on the weekend, except you have to dress up. I would recommend it to anyone.”


Peter Avery

“I enjoyed having an interest in a horse with Proven Thoroughbreds. I never anticipated that owning a horse for a number of years would be so much fun – especially as he was able to notch up a number of wins. I’m very thankful for the professionalism and caring attitude towards every facet involving horse ownership – Proven Thoroughbreds are winners in every sense.”


Anthony Punitgam

“A horse’s conformation determines how well it can perform functions requested i.e sprinter/miler etc. Jamie Walter, through Proven Thoroughbreds have been able to achieve great results with the approach to conformation and pedigree types. Additionally, very regular updates are issued on each horse within Proven Thoroughbreds, hence you as the client, are not chasing the vital information which is a requirement for great horse racing ventures.”


Philip Lyne

“Proven Thoroughbreds provides a fantastic service for the part time owner. From yearling selection through to race day you know exactly what’s going on with your horses. A great service from a great team!”


Tony Fay

“I have enjoyed racing a number of horses with Jamie through Proven Thoroughbreds and have complete trust in his professionalism and integrity. Regular and accurate communication is a feature of the all round service he provides.”


Steve Flynn

“I have been impressed with my first syndication venture with Proven Thoroughbreds Jamie has kept has well informed regarding our mare and nothing seems a problem to him I was surprised to receive calls from Jamie shortly after her races which adds that extra little touch.”


Wayne Donald

“Having been involved in horse racing for over 35 years at grass roots level and then as an owner sometimes successful and not so successful I have realised that to participate in racing you need expert advice, research and be well organized. Jamie Walter of Proven Thoroughbreds has provided that opportunity for myself and friends. Jamie’s communication skills are excellent and I believe that this type of syndication keeps the smaller owners interested in racing for the long term.”


Peter Robinson

“Thanks Jamie for the opportunity to be involved with the Sport of Kings through your Racing Syndications. It’s an exciting ride, forming new friendships and celebrating in the Winners Circle.”


Shane Batkin

“Having dealt with other syndicates, I have found the professionalism and personal service offered by Proven Thoroughbreds, to be first class.”


Roger Wylie

“I have been racing horses for over 25 years and have found Jamie Walter’s Proven Thoroughbreds to be the complete racing experience. In an industry full of spruikers Jamie Walter’s approach with Proven Thoroughbreds is refreshing, professional, great fun and rewarding. I thoroughly endorse the racing experience with Proven Thoroughbreds.”


Stuart Hudson


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