Bloodstock Services

Whilst the internet has introduced the layman to copious quantities of information and considerably reduced the executional role of the "agent" in all industries, a network of contacts and educated advice is not as easily attained. In the racing industry, advice devoid of vested interests is an even rarer commodity.

PROVEN THOROUGHBREDS SERVICES ABN 44 057 777 349 is the Bloodstock arm of our business and in essence is an independent racehorse brokerage and management consultancy.  

PROVEN THOROUGHBREDS SERVICES like any consultancy, survives on good will, performance and people skills. Integrity is a prerequisite, suffice it to say ALL commissions are fully disclosed to both buyer and seller in ALL transactions.

I attend several race meetings a week and am in constant touch with racing participants. Despite the obvious virtues of television and internet coverage, horse racing is an outdoor game. More is learned out in the field than in front of a screen.

PROVEN THOROUGHBREDS SERVICES offer the following to equine investors:


  • I attend all major sales in Australasia and can therefore provide experienced advice and representation for all stock publicly auctioned... yearlings, weanlings, mares, racehorses, untried stock and entires.
  • At yearling sales, all horses are painstakingly inspected and researched to ensure a complete grasp of the market.


  • Specialist racehorse management providing 40 years experience in racehorse ownership.
  • Weekly communication via email, text or phone.
  • Regular attendance at stables & spelling farms.
  • Payment of all accounts and provision of itemized spreadsheets.


  • Transparent commissions. Full disclosure to both buyer and seller.
  • Vast network of contacts for both buyers and sellers.
  • All bloodstock included... specializing in racehorses and mares off the track.


  • Negotiation and purchase/sale of stallion nominations and shares.


  • Valuation and appraisal of bloodstock portfolios or individual stock.