Bad News

Disappointing effort on Fri. Feared we were in a bit of bother when the track was downgraded to a Slow 6 after morning rain created a very shifty surface. 

However, despite the conditions, he really didn’t do much and was a long way astern of the winner. At Cbry on a bog he was only 6 lengths off them but was beaten more like 10 lengths on Fri against a vastly inferior field on a bigger track over a little further.

Just as it’s dangerous to read too much into one run it’s equally as perilous to continually refer to the book of excuses. This fella has run fairly at his first two runs and poorly on Fri which leaves us in a conundrum. With the strong possibility of affected tracks in coming weeks do we race him again with blinkers, turn him out and start again or do we try and offload him now before his value declines?

There are arguments for all three options and when you’re dealing with speculation it’s precarious to be emphatic about either one. Please get back to me with your views as soon as possible.

Jamie Walter,


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